Energy Logistics Group, L.L.C. (“ELG”) specializes in oil and gas field development, pipeline mapping and on-ground pipeline patrols, providing excellence in quality and attention to detail, while demonstrating knowledge and expertise in the oil and gas industry. ELG is committed to your preliminary planning, mapping and pipeline patrol needs from inception to completion. No matter the magnitude of your project, ELG will produce superior work to help assist with any field development or pipeline job. Our proven methods are known for producing an efficient, cost-effective product and/or service that reduces time and expenditures.

What we can do for you

  • Title and Right-of-Way acquisitions
  • Pre planning route development for Gathering Systems, Pipelines, Power Lines, Well Sites, and Access Roads
  • Research and development of most efficient and cost effective routes
  • Soft Stake and layout of proposed well sites as per clients provided position, recon for alternate sites if preferred location is deemed unsuitable
  • Preliminary field surveys, sketches, and aerials of project layouts, orientation, and elevations
  • Environmental assessment and permitting of proposed well site locations and right-of-ways
  • Coordinate with survey project manager and oversee crew during hard stake of well site locations and pipelines and report daily progress to client
  • Video and photo documentation of pre and post construction of job site, road conditions and environmental spills
  • Local and State Pipeline bore permitting
  • Coordinate timber appraisal and removal
  • GIS Mapping
  • Detailed maps including wells, pipelines, valve settings, and other above ground appurtenances
  • Submit and confirm new and existing pipeline assets are in the 811 System
  • Create informational package for all pipeline assets
  • Operator Qualifications certified Right-of-Way patrol and inspection to meet DOT requirements
  • Operations Qualified Infrared Pipeline Leak Detection surveys to meet DOT requirements
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